Press Release: New book reveals single cause for all wars, offers preventive model to avoid future conflicts

“Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” by Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu envisions a world without organized arms conflicts and an enforceable war-prevention model

GATESHEAD, England – Having lost three brothers to the Nigerian-Biafran War during the late 1960s, Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu reevaluated his stance on armed conflict, and studied the potential for a single cause. His years of research resulted in “Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” (ISBN 1453832114), which argues that the world can eradicate war through a mutual willingness to embrace “permanent prevention,” rather than perpetual acceptance.

While Dr. Eseonu identifies what he terms the “Unwritten Law for Wars” as the root cause of all armed conflicts throughout history, he seeks to investigate the often-overlooked secondary causes of war. The latter, he argues, are always the antagonistic human emotions within the mind of one political leader toward his contemporary who would become his opponent during war. The author aims to demonstrate in the book that the reasons behind all wars have been consistent throughout history, from wars that occurred during ancient times to ones that have happened in our modern era.

The author suggests how advancements in technology, over time, have turned wars into what he calls “unwinnable” battles. Regardless of military superiority, conflicting defense units will almost always remain in battle much longer than necessary, says the author, which creates perpetual conflict with global repercussions on economic and social scales.

“My book reveals the only root for all wars, and the secondary causes which instigate perpetual conflict,” said Dr. Eseonu. “All the reasons given for any armed conflict are only convenient political excuses rather than the actual cases for the war. The war-preventive measures in this book can ensure a conflict-free world for us all.”

Drawing on examples of how changes in modern living and advancements in information technology trigger un-winnable conflicts, “Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” aims to provide reader with an invaluable argument, one that may be a step toward living in a more peaceful world.

“Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu experienced profound loss while living as a teenager in war-torn Biafra during the terrible 1967 to 1970 Nigeria-Biafra War. Since that war, which devastated more than three million lives, he has searched for the root of war, investigating whether there exists a single cause behind wars, and if they might be preventable. The result is this innovative book, Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All. As a result of his medical training between 1972 and 1978, and now a specialist obstetrician and gynecological surgeon, he realized that he could apply basic preventive health principles to war: It’s always better to prevent an illness, injury or problem than to treat it after the fact. He is married with children.

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