About the Author

Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu

experienced the profound and tragic effects of a major armed conflict during his late teenage years, between 1967 and 1970, while living in ‘Biafra’. More than three million lives were lost, including those of some members of his family. Since that time, Dr. Eseonu has been conducting a continuous inquest aimed at identifying the root cause of all wars, to see if any single cause exists.

His motivation

If such a cause was discovered, and could be eliminated in every instance, then it would be possible to prevent all wars and their grim consequences. As a result of his medical training, Dr. Eseonu realized that he could apply the same basic principle to war as to health issues: it’s always better to prevent any injury, disease, or problem, rather than treat them after the fact. Dr. Eseonu works as a specialist obstetrician and gynecological surgeon in the United Kingdom, where he lives with his wife, Patricia, also a medical doctor, and their four children.