Video: World War 1 (The Futility Of War)

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This video slideshow shows photos from the first world war

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Press Release: New book reveals single cause for all wars, offers preventive model to avoid future conflicts

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“Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” by Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu envisions a world without organized arms conflicts and an enforceable war-prevention model GATESHEAD, England – Having lost three brothers to the Nigerian-Biafran War during the late 1960s, Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu reevaluated his stance on armed conflict, and studied the potential for a single cause. His years of research resulted in “Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All” (ISBN 1453832114), which argues that the world can eradicate war through a mutual willingness...

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