Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All

ALL Organized Armed Conflicts Can Be Prevented!

This innovative book could only have been written by Dr. Onyebuchi Chikezie Eseonu. Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All: ALL Organized Armed Conflicts Can Be Prevented! derives its innovative theme, objective, and ideas because of Dr. Eseonu’s personal experiences, including that of living through a ghastly war.

He is a survivor of the devastating 1967 to 1970 Nigeria‑Biafra War (also called Nigerian Civil War). This war ravaged an entire people and claimed more than three million lives, including two of Dr. Eseonu’s brothers, with a third passing away years later as a result of his battlefield injuries.

Since 1970, his grief-filled memories of the inhumanity of war have translated into his meaningful quest to find the possible origins of armed conflict. If it were to be found, he thought, the harrowing war-time experiences suffered by him and many others around the world could be prevented once and for all.

Dr. Eseonu’s investigation was significantly influenced by his training in medicine between 1972 and 1978 and long-term interests in philosophy, history, and politics. His training to become a medical doctor—especially the intensive instructions in preventive and social medicine—facilitated his ability to devise preventive models for problems. He became especially interested in the issue of wars’ prevention, since a peaceful world would indeed forestall the many medical crises that arise as a result of wars. Furthermore, his interests in philosophy, history, and politics also helped focus his attention on the need to permanently prevent wars globally. Alarmed by the increase of armed conflicts, and their aftermath such as suicide bombing and terrorism, Dr. Eseonu felt an urgent need to explore this subject—and then take action. This innovative book is the result.

From his experience of the suffering during the Biafran war, it seemed clear to the author that the war started from conflict between antagonist leaders. The leaders were left unscathed while ordinary men, women, and children of the Biafran enclave severely suffered the consequences. Dr. Eseonu’s study of wars, past and present, showed this pattern repeating itself time and time again.

Eventually, it became apparent that the idea he came to call the “Unwritten Law for Wars” is the prime cause of all armed conflicts, and the prevention of war would be possible if this law was rendered ineffective by using a global enforcement mechanism. All these objectives can be achieved through the war prevention model that the author has outlined and illustrated in the book.

Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All is the only book that has gone directly to stop the heartbeat of the global crisis of wars. It clearly illustrates that the only reason their root cause, the “Unwritten Law for Wars,” has such devastating effects on society is because it automatically and exclusively empowers our very own political leaders as its agents. The war-creating endeavors of our leaders then cause the deadly effects of the unwritten law to manifest on people and communities. The book, in demonstrating a method for the permanent eradication of wars, has shown that global war prevention can be easily achieved if or when society desires it.

This book will interest anyone who has been affected by war, especially soldiers past and present, as well as their families and friends; individuals concerned about repeated wars; politicians and their military planners; commentators; and students of armed conflicts.